How to Use

Document Needed for Submission of TAX RETURN

Primary Information of Assesses:

1. Copy of eTIN

2. Pictures for the first time

3. Copy of NID

4. Address (current and permanent)

5. A copy of the previous year's return if you have already submitted the return

For employees, income from salary:

1. Salary Certificate

2. Bank Statement (01-07-21 to 30-06-22)

3. Provident Fund information (if any), Recognized Provident Fund (RPF)

4. TDS Chalan (if any)

5. Others

If the income from Profit/interest/dividend etc.:

1. Certificate of profit of savings certificate

2. Certificate of interest/profit received from FDR

3. Certificate of interest/profit received from DPS

4. Certificate of insurance or bank has made a profit

If the income from House property/rental income:

1. House rental agreement

2. Receipt of rent collection

3. Bank statement

4. Expenditure Information (Certificate of interest on the loan, payment of revenue, repairs, and other expenses or payment of arrears)

If the income from as Business income:

1. Purchase account book

2. Sales account book

3. Profit-loss account/income statement

4. Statement of financial status/balance sheet

5. Investment information

6. Bank account and related proofs

Other income/expenditure information:

1. Proof of any type of income or receipt

2. Agricultural income, proof of sale if any property is sold, and proof of cash payment

Investment Information (if any):

1. DPS / FDR

2. Insurance Certificate

3. Share Market Investment

4. Savings certificates/bonds etc.

5. Evidence of donation

6. Any other investment in land flats

If the statement of assets and liabilities is in your own name:

1. House, Apartment

2. Land, Car, Electronics, etc

3. Bank Loan Information

4. Others

Tax-free income:

1. Certificate of remittance income

2. Certificate if the income of the IT sector

3. Certificate of Dividend and Capital Gain

4. Other tax-free or final settlement with proper proof of income