About Us

“Income Tax BD” an Income Tax Consultancy service provider in Bangladesh Since 2011. It has one of the largest Income Tax Consultant networks to provide Income Tax Consultancy Services over the country. More than 200 Income Tax Consultants are directly connected with this network. “Income Tax BD” has the country’s first income tax-related web-based return preparation system & mobile application for Income Tax Return filing (www.incometaxbd.com) and the online service is now free of cost. In our network there’re many lawyers are specialized in Income Tax Consultancy. Moreover, our lawyers have practical and legal knowledge that prepared us for any challenges that others may fail to acknowledge.

Vision & Mission:

To make the tax system simpler and more people-oriented with user-friendly technology. To make some contribution to GDP and increase Public revenue we believe to earn the public revenue, Authority needs to have some digitalized automated systems with experienced people. We try to increase the number of taxpayers in the country.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a broad range of complete, innovative & cost-effective solutions, ensure progress, prosperity, and protection of client’s interests by adding value to everything we do with world-class efficiency and a higher degree of integrity.