Our Services

Our Services

Individual Tax:

1.      Preparation and Submission of Income Tax Returns for Local and Expat Individuals

2.      Audit, Appeal & Tribunal

3.      ADR & High Court

4.      Acting on Behalf of the Clients as Tax Representative

5.      High Court Tax Reference

6.      ADR from All Forum

7.      Tax Effective Remuneration Planning

8.      Inheritance Tax Planning

9.      Transfer Pricing

10.   Tax Accounting and Tax Disclosure for Audit

11.   Tax Investigations

Company Tax:

A.     Financial Report & Audit Report

B.     Company Tax Return

C.     Withholding Return

D.     Tax Compliance

E.      Preparation and Submission of Income Tax Returns for Local and Expat Individuals

F.      Deferred Tax Computation and Application

G.     Acting on Behalf of the Clients as Tax Representative

H.     Capital Gains Tax

I.       Partnership Tax

J.       Tax Appeals

K.     Appellate Tribunals

Corporate Affairs/Business Incorporation:

1.      Incorporation, Registration, Liquidation, and Winding Up of Companies

2.      Maintenance of Statutory Records

3.      Change in Share Capital/Add or drop in from XII

4.      Preparation and Filing of Statutory Returns

5.      Registration of Overseas Companies

6.      Share Transfers and Allotments

7.      Management of Legal Disputes and Arbitration

8.      Drafting of Agreement, MoU, Undertaking

9.      Amendment of AoA and MoU

10.   Company Secretarial Services According to Companies Act 1994.

11.   Representing the Company in Front of the Various Government Authorities

12.   Foreign Company Registration.

13.   Import Registration Certificate (IRC)

14.   Export Registration Certificate (ERC)

15.   Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)

Online Tax Return Preparation:

A.     Prepare Income Tax Return

B.     Calculate Income Tax

C.     Rebate Calculation

D.     TDS, AIT Calculation

E.     Tax Exemption